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Day 10 - "Nice to meet you, time to say goodbye!"

17 Sep by Christoff Swanepoel

It's not easy to say goodbye after travelling thousands of kilometres, where hearts once strange have entwined. This year, more new survivors and supporters joined this special cause than ever before. It was a deliberate move to use the power of all forms of media to recruit new faces to join us in spreading awareness about cancer in all corners of South Africa. It paid off huge dividends. Young and old bikers, non-bikers and ambassadors came on board and added so much value to this dynamic Cancervive family. We are forever grateful. ...


Day 9 - Still going strong!

16 Sep by Christoff Swanepoel

It was with mixed feelings that we hit the roads through the towns of Ladismith and Barrydale, our leg stretch and fuel stops on our way to Worcester, our first destination for the day 9 show. We could all feel that the journey has been long and not shy to admit as such.  ...


Day 8 - Learning things, meeting new people! We love what we do.

15 Sep by Christoff Swanepoel

We departed from Camdeboo Cottages in the early hours of the 8th day, headed for Willowmore. Our road captain, Coetzee Zietsman, filled us with great expectations as he announced that the motorcyclists would have the opportunity to test their counter steering, under his watchful eye and the marshals ensuring that "safety first" is adhered to at all times. It was a pleasure to later watch them carrying out the plan with clinical precision as they zig-zagged for approximately 5 minutes on the quiet road leading up to Willowmore, accentuating the already captivating majestic mountainous scenery. Even one of our sponsors from Astral who joined us on the road expressed that he had never seen a more disciplined pack. ...


Day 7 - On the road to Graff Reinet. Every kilometre a blessing!

14 Sep by Christoff Swanepoel

It is hard to believe that we have already completed 7 days of the 2016 ride. The realisation for our team that we do not have very long to go before this priceless experience is over meant that the cold chill that greeted us when we woke up in Adelaide by no means dampened our spirits as we prepared to visit two public schools in that area. ...


Day 6 - From PE to the heart of the Eastern Cape, Adelaide was up next...

13 Sep by Christoff Swanepoel

We had officially passed the halfway mark of our 2400km journey when we once again geared up in East London on day 6. The day's program first took us to Grens High School hall where our reception was nothing short of spectacular, courtesy of the cheerleading team. It paved the way for former head girl and also Cancervive team member, Sinki Mlambo who tearfully shared with the current pupils how she first came to know of cancer at that school, through a teacher's diagnosis. The school has since been touched by the disease numerous times and this was acknowledged with a moment of silence and the reading out of names of pupils and teachers affected. ...


Day 5 - Bring hope to all people, no matter how near or far!

12 Sep by Christoff Swanepoel

The sport’s field of Lawson Brown High School in Port Elizabeth would be our first stage on day 5 for the message of early detection and that cancer is not only an old people’s disease. Testimonies shared by two of the youngest survivors on this year’s ride, made the message relatable to the pupils who filled the stands, whom when asked how many of them had been affected by cancer, directly or indirectly, 80% raised their hands. We once again felt that our efforts were indeed not misplaced. ...


"Divine Design" - Day 4 Cancervive 2016

11 Sep by Christoff Swanepoel

Over 30 bikers from various clubs in George, Knysna and other towns along the scenic Garden Route joined us for a breakfast run from Knysna Protea Quays to Tsitsikamma, in support of our ride. We all stopped over at Marilyn’s Diner in Tsitsikamma to break bread together as is the tradition in motorcycling circles. The camaraderie was electric, while cognisance of the cause remained central to all interactions.  ...


"The roads that bind us" - Day 3 Cancervive 2016

10 Sep by Christoff Swanepoel

Today we departed from Strand to embark on what would be the longest distance to be travelled on any one given day on this year’s ride. The motorcycling experience is integral to our cause, therefore the beckoning open roads with glorious scenery were a much welcome break away from the city. ...


"Saddle Up" - Day 2 Cancervive 2016

09 Sep by Christoff Swanepoel

Our 2016 cancer awareness motorbike ride got off to a colourful start. Survivors and supporters arrived from various parts of the country dressed in their Cancervive gear and on the first day of the 10-day ride the motorcyclists went straight to Killarney racing circuit for a practice session in preparation for the 2400 km on Western Cape and Eastern Cape open roads. ...


"Love is in the air" Day 1 - Cancervive 2016

08 Sep by Christoff Swanepoel

The Cape Town skies seemed even brighter as the survivors and supporters from around South-Africa touched down in the mother city ready and excited for the 10 day life changing journey that lay ahead of them. First stop was Killarney International Raceway where the riders were given their Triumph motorcycles – their eyes lit up with anticipation as they mounted their beautiful bikes to do some test laps around the track. The whole team then went to check-in at the MOJO Hotel in Sea point where goodie bags filled with gifts from Revlon and SPAR were waiting for them in their rooms. ...