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Awareness and education

To date we have entertained, engaged and most importantly educated more than 260 000 South Africans face-to-face, in 7 languages, covering more than 18 700 km’s across all 9 provinces of SA! We have also reached millions more via various media channels (TV, Radio, Online, and Print) and generated over R260 million in publicity.

Towns visited on our journey

Our current education and awareness campaigns are aimed specifically at the so-called ‘shy’ cancers (Breast, Testicular, Colorectal, Cervical, Prostate). Many cancers remain undetected in communities because of fear, stigmas, cultural taboos and lack of knowledge. This makes it difficult for people to talk about, to check their bodies and to find the earliest signs of cancer.

Many of our survivors have lived through the same kinds of cancer. We take the message of early detection to communities, who hear survival stories from people who share the same cultural, economic and social backgrounds. This makes it easier for people across South Africa to feel more comfortable with looking for signs of, and talking about cancer. By removing the stigmas and taboos, we can help people win the battle against the disease. People can survive cancer.