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Cancervive focuses on raising awareness of and educating people about the importance of detecting early signs of cancer. Our network of cancer survivors tell their stories in various ways, encouraging people to look for signs of the disease, and spreading a message of hope. If it’s detected early, cancer doesn’t have to be a death sentence. Our current campaign focuses on the so-called ‘shy’ cancers, which people find difficult to talk about because of cultural taboos or social stigmas. (Testicular. Breast, Prostate, Cervical, Colorectal)

Our work takes various forms: we share the stories of survivors, their supporters, and ambassadors; we host events across the country; we raise funds and share information about cancer and early detection.


Donor comments

Keri Ferreira 25-Aug-2017

In love to Cancervive!

Naomi Du Toit 25-Aug-2017

from Cancervive Somerset West, Fransien you are our star!

Naomi Du Toit 25-Aug-2017

Fransien dankie vir wie jy is en wat jy doen

HD Transport 16-Aug-2017

Ronald Marais 16-Aug-2017

Our prayers are for curing all sufferers of cancer

Ashley Byles 11-Aug-2017

Sandra Kleinhans 07-Aug-2017

Proud of you Liz and all that you do, keep up the good work xxx

Wouter Du Toit 07-Aug-2017

You know who you are...

Jacqualine Molenaar 31-Jul-2017

To a brave friend

Kevin Burke 03-Jan-2017

Zelda La Grange 12-Sep-2016

Sully, Crescentia, for you girls.... #RESPECT

Zelda La Grange 12-Sep-2016

Sully, Crescentia, for you girls.... #RESPECT

Ursula Fonseca 09-Sep-2016

All the way with you Nilo - LIVE!

Nelius van Aarde 07-Sep-2016

Ride, Nilo, Ride

Carien Weyers 05-Aug-2016

Classique Medical Aid Consultants 28-Jul-2016

Keep living life to the fullest, you have tons to offer

Adele du Plessis 28-Jul-2016

Thanks for Magical Mozambique Zanele!

Adele du Plessis 28-Jul-2016

Thank you Giney!

Werner Wernich 28-Jul-2016

Ek dink dit is awesome wat jul doen, en ek is trots op my Moex!!

Martell Lyell 11-Jul-2016

Geniet dit Chomma €€

Elmarie Verwey 05-Jul-2016

Ons ondersteun jou 100%. Geniet dit! Liefde Ellie&Riana

Laetitia Vermeulen 30-May-2016

In support of Nilo Kriek

Miriam Jansen van Vuuren 30-May-2016

Fransien Fick Donasie

SB Badenhorst 30-May-2016

Fransien Fick

Sandra Durand 30-May-2016

Anne-Marie Bendeman 05-May-2016

Enjoy the campaign Fransien.

Sonia Sevenhuysen 03-May-2016


Pieter Viljoen 28-Apr-2016

Reggie Stiglingh 28-Apr-2016

Tribute to Cancer Awareness in South Africa. Good luck & go well Fransien!! Willem & Reggie Stiglingh

Janet Prinsloo 27-Apr-2016

Louise Fourie

Agostino Gaglio 27-Apr-2016

Samuel Fourie 20-Apr-2016

William Hodson 21-Dec-2015

As I believe in the cause!

Marty Holderness 30-Sep-2015

This is a donation on behalf of Mme Lillian Dube - in celebration of her 70th birthday today! Lots of love!

Bernice Burke 25-Sep-2015

Always, Forever and Passionately supporting Amy Jansen!!!!!

Maura & Brendan Burke 16-Sep-2015

Donation from Maura & Brendan Burke, Dublin, Ireland.

Livia Jordaan 05-Aug-2015

To all cancer survivors living life to the fullest!

Esme Steffen 29-Jul-2015

In loving memory of my Dad, Koos Oberholzer and dear friend Ella Budynkiewicz.

Jamie Vandenbergh 15-Jul-2015

You should ride your Harley on Route 66 sometime. Good job supporting fight against cancer; thanks!!

Carel de Beer 12-Jul-2015

Cancer is just not a word, it is a language altogether. Cancer is not just a disease, it is a life journey. Cancer is not just about recovery by medicines, it is about healing yourself from within. Congratulations for understanding the language of cancer, treading along this torturous life journey and learning how to heal yourself from within.

Raylene Stander 02-Jul-2015

Your recovery is a DREAM COME TRUE for each and every loved one who prayed for you and a HOPE for each and every person who is still facing the gallows of this deadly disease.

Bruce Vail 02-Jul-2015

You could have given up, but you chose to fight. You chose to beat all the odds. You chose to believe that hope is stronger than reality. You chose to overlook the suffering. You chose to see the light at the end of life’s darkest tunnel. You made all the right choices, you are inspirational.

Brock Malagon 02-Jul-2015

Surviving cancer is not the end of a gruesome story. It is the beginning of a beautiful one. :)

Gabrielle Fesler 02-Jul-2015

Your survival isn’t just a personal victory. You are a true inspiration to millions of people who are hoping to beat the odds and come out stronger.

Sudha Mantha 02-Jul-2015

Surviving cancer is God’s way of telling you that you have had your fair share of suffering. Now it’s your time to lap up all the happiness life can possibly offer.